Complex societal issues need integrated and collaborative solutions. At Catalyst, we innovate, influence, design solutions and support development actors to accelerate social impact and to scale and achieve significant impact.
CMS specialises in solving problems with change agents; through effective actions and growth solutions for scale, impact, and sustainability.  We are a global powerhouse that accelerates the Scale, Impact and Sustainability of change agents who affect SDGs.
At CMS, we do not stop at temporary fixes; we are focused on providing  sustainable solutions  that create  scalable social impact. The world knows us as CMS, but at our core, we are ‘Solvists’.

We like to see ourselves as Solution focused activists – ‘Solvists’. Working closely with partners, we incubate and invest with a rare mix of resources, deep expertise and on-ground experience, shaping social equity, working across SDG goals.

Co-Invest in success of key change agents

Leverage resources for effective action while addressing complex issues.

Raise and shape investments

Secure higher value for investments made, through growth driven solutions.

Invest in scalable solutions

Incubate and scale sectoral solutions which deliver value and returns.

This ‘Unlocking Value to Invest in Impact’ framework brings alive our living intelligence to enhance social equity.

Swasti focuses on empowering people and communities, particularly the poor and marginalised, to make the right choices and lead healthy lives.
We integrate the capacities of people and their institutions, thematic expertise, and cross-sectoral collaborations. We aim to make everyday well-being real for the most poor and marginalised communities.
400,000+  poor and vulnerable people  in India and 29 other countries
– Demonstrate: Making models that work for different communities

What is possible, at a minimum viable scale.

– Take Evidence to Action: Support impact at scale
Work with local, regional and global organizations to support the achievement of well-being, through implementation support, research, monitoring & evaluation, program design, etc.
– Influence the Global Well-being Narrative:
Work closely with governments/partners within and outside of India, through collaborative action (joint implementation) and using evidence for communication, influence policies and their implementation related to primary care.
Vrutti is a centre for sustainable livelihoods and enhancing people’s well-being through knowledge, innovation and transformative actions.


Building wealthy, resilient, and responsible farmers. 

V-Life (Secured Life & Livelihoods)

Financial and social security for the marginalised to reduce vulnerability.
“We aim to improve the wealth and resilience of small producers through innovative projects.” 


Enhancing growth, competitiveness, and sustainability of MSMEs and women-owned businesses.


Enhancing the wealth and resilience of artisanal fisherfolk and effective fishery resource management.

Impact Product Marketing Firm 

Fuzhio deals with ‘Impact Products’ for the people, planet, and prosperity. We facilitate market access to women and small-holder farmers and marginalised communities to maximise returns for their products and services; and engage in an eco-social circular economy initiative focused on plastic repurposing, recycling, and community empowerment .

Genetic, Resource, Ecology, Energy and Nutrition 

GREEN Foundation works towards building a well-preserved ecosystem diversity for the sustainable rural livelihoods of the present generation without eroding the resource base of the future.
GFs approach has evolved to a more comprehensive bio-region microsystem – called regenerative communities – bringing together the Agri/Food and Health systems to ensure the wealth and well-being of people and the planet.

A social enterprise platform that promotes the health and wealth of vulnerable communities. A treasure trove of experiences and stories of change and impact. Our strategy framework entails thought leadership, building synergy, and action catalysis.

Founders and Directors from group entities 

Orchestrating change through

Why did we need a collaboration against COVID-19?

Very early in the pandemic, it became evident that COVID-19s impact in India was going to be


Affecting the most vulnerable, the most difficult to reach, the most unheard, deeply and debilitatingly.


Affecting the most vulnerable, the most difficult to reach, the most unheard, deeply and debilitatingly.


Affecting the most vulnerable, the most difficult to reach, the most unheard, deeply and debilitatingly.

Heeding the need:

It became equally clear that no single organisation can respond effectively to deliver optimal relief, recovery and the resilience to rise back. The times and the tension demanded an urgent and action driven collaboration with resource partners, change agents and vulnerable communities to instill resilience in our society. And that’s how The #COVIDActionCollab (CAC) came together. Build around a tripod approach, addressing the immediate, enhancing competencies and planning for efficiencies.

Calibrated Response

High impact package of services directly delivered to communities through collaborative partners.


Assemble the right partners to solve critical challenges in a collaborative manner and take ideas to scale.


Build capacities for partners through exchange of information and resources.

Capacitating Partners
through Resource Mobilization

Through resource mobilization, the #COVIDActionCollab has been supporting its partner organizations to provide vulnerable communities with relief, recovery, and support to build their resilience amidst COVID-19. We have designed packages providing Health and Social Protection support to communities in a targeted manner. The resources mobilized are used to create livelihood opportunities for vulnerable populations, to support and empower local communities by providing life-saving materials and equipment.

USD 148 mn resources mobilized​
INR 80 Crores

USD 35 mn INR 253 Crores

Where CAC is clear about its purpose and has mobilized resources from donors in cash and in-kind.

• 180 partners (approx 79% of implementing Partners) received funding in cash/kind

• 87% of funding went to partners

• 91 donors supported

USD 11 mn INR 80 Crores

Where CAC has played a key role in conceptualizing, calibrating, connecting, and facilitating resource mobilization for specific/priority causes and partners.

USD 103 mn INR 755 Crores

Complementary & Supplementary Funding Channelized through Govt. & Private sector programs & assets.

Reaching the unreached

COVIDActionCollab addressed the pressing needs of the most vulnerable:

<5% service instances received
by each of these groups:

GBV & Child
Abuse Survivors


Gay men & Transpersons

Street Children​

People with disabilities​



Factory & unorganized workers

Children in &
out of school



People in

#COVIDActionCollab is now active across 34 States/UTs with partner presence, with Government engagement across 12 States/UTs and 23 Government Entities, while managing over 30 private sector partnerships.

359 member strong







To ensure long-term and generative impact, we also established strategic mechanisms through a governing counsel and investment committee driving strategy, program design, research, and evaluation.

It’s with this kind of a people-first, partnership, innovation, and urgency-driven collaboration that #COVIDActionCollab worked with communities, institutions, and ecosystems to provide 17 million critical services to the most vulnerable to #BounceForward.

Note: All numbers and data is as on 30th April 2022

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