Our Projects

Thought leadership

As thought leaders we build knowledge and perspectives, and generate learning. Our multi- and cross-disciplinary experience affords us the ability to draw, process and share insights across themes and sectors, enriching solutions through diverse lenses.

Build Synergies

We understand that transformation and scale is not possible without partnerships and collaborations. We bridge worlds of the communities, practitioners, thinkers and investors; and of program and policy; bringing these together for scale and sustainability

Catalyse action

Ethics, integrity and execution excellence are the pathways towards action that demonstrates quality and dignity for communities. We provide mechanisms to partners in the social sector to remain firmly on these pathways.

Our Contribution

Directly touched the lives of 500,000 poor and marginalised individuals and households. We have achieved this by designing, testing and scaling up innovative models.

Improved efficiency and effectiveness of development interventions. For over 1,000 organisations who have benefitted from our professional services

Helped transform organisations. To grow from small operations to fairly large and effective. e.g. ASEEFA (Association for Sarva Seva Farms)

Helped raise funds
Rs 2,137 crores (343 Million USD) for the HIV, TB and Malaria Programmes of India, Thailand and Afghanistan. Supported Indian NGOs and a Bangaladesh programme access European Union funds.

Developed several innovative models for impact Including Empowerment approach to HIV prevention, Invest4-wellness, 3Fold, Worker Well Being, People and Panchayat Water Governance.

Managed development platforms Like the Community of Evaluators (South Asia), Centre for Health Market Innovations (CHMI), Centre for Innovations in Education (CIE), the network for Revitalising Rainfed Agriculture, Network of Women’s Equality and Equity, UNICEF’s Social Norms Knowledge Hub

Provided financial services to large livelihoods initiatives
Ex. Western India Rainfed Farming Project, East India Rainfed Farming Projects, India Farm and Forestry Development Corporation, Gram Vikas Trust, Madhya Pradesh Rural Livelihoods Project

Pioneered methodologies
Including Polling booth, Measure of Livelihoods (MOL), Simplified Micro Accounting Systems (SMACS), Group Self­Assessment, Geographical mapping, etc – each of which are widely used to generate insights for programming.