Our Organisations

Catalyst Foundation

(established in 2012)

Registered as a Trust, the Foundation consolidates the Catalyst Group’s operations, acts as a public face for the Group manages group investments and provides direction for the Group Organisations to operate.

Catalyst Management Services

(established in 1994)

A private limited organisation which specializes in providing consulting and professional services. CMS partners to create social impact, guaranteeing results through development solutions and investments. The organisation commits to sustainable development that leads to investments in ideas, individuals and institutions, creating shared value and maximizing social returns. CMS solutions range from Design (strategy and planning), Evidence (research, evaluation and insights), Monitoring (systems, accountability and performance), Learning systems (accretion and application).

CMS bridges worlds by creating partnerships across a spectrum of development actors – communities and their institutions, program implementers/ practitioners, financiers, policy influencers, researchers, networks, coalitions and platforms

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(established in 2004)

A registered Society (not-for-profit), Swasti – The Health Catalyst – is a health resource centre.Which achieves public health outcomes for the marginalised, through the delivery of end-to-end solutions as well as short and long term support and facilitation, combining research and practice.

Swasti – The Health Catalyst – was envisioned as an organisation to transform the lives of the marginalised communities by ensuring their access to quality healthcare. Swasti’s work has fuelled impact by promoting healthcare access thereby contributing to poverty alleviation. Swasti have supported governments, donors and development partners to design solutions in public health. Swasti has directly reached over 400,000 people through our various initiatives.

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(established in 2002)

A registered Society (not-for-profit), Vrutti is a Livelihood Impact Partner which enhances people’s well-being through knowledge, innovation and transformative actions and brings about solutions at a scale that eliminate inequities and create wealth for the marginalised. Vrutti is committed to finding solutions to end poverty, marginalisation and creation of wealth and build resilience for small producers. As social organisation, Vrutti pursues problem solving with entrepreneurial zeal, business acumen, courage to innovate, and consistently challenge traditional practices. Vrutti is passionate about unbiased measurement, self-critique and learning. Vrutti works through result-based planning tools, performance measurement metrics, impact and value for money assessments and use technology as augmenter.

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(established in 2005)

Facilitating Market Access to Women and Smallholder Farmers and Marginalised Communities to Maximise Returns for their Products and Services. Fuzhio promotes Impact Products directly to customers on behalf of small farmers and vulnerable groups and allows them to maximize yields and provide customers with safe, responsible products

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